Marine Diesel Engine Spares & Services

We supply original & genuine spare parts for 2 stroke and 4 stroke marine diesel engines from licensee engine builders.

50MC, 50MC-C L16/24, L21/31, L23/30 V28/32
60MC, 60MC-C L27/38, L28/32, V28/32 V32/40
70MC, 70MC-C L32/40, V32/40 V48/60
RT-Flex 35 V32, V32LN, V32DF
RT-Flex 40 W32, W32DF
RT-Flex 50 W46, W46M

Scope of Supply

Cylinder Head Parts

We supply inlet valves, exhaust valves, valve cages, valve seats, valve guides, rotators, turnomats and springs for marine diesel engines as well as stationary HFO and gas engine applications.

Piston Rings

We supply piston rings with high quality base materials and coatings in combination with hardness, elasticity and bending strength as per specifications of engine builders.

Engine Bearings

We offer bi-metal and tri-metal bearings for high, medium and slow speed diesel engines. Our product range includes main bearings, conrod bearings, thrust washers and bushings. We also offer the latest sputter bearings for gas engine applications.

Fuel Injection Parts

We supply fuel injection parts from leading German and Swiss original equipment manufacturers for two stroke and four stroke diesel engines. Our scope of supply includes nozzles, pump elements, injection valves, connection pieces and corresponding o-rings and sealing sets. All components are designed and manufactured according to engine builder specifications.


We offer pistons and corresponding piston pins for 2 stroke marine diesel engines as well as 4 stroke HFO and gas fired engines. Our scope of supply includes pistons with diameter up to 640mm for most common European engine types.

Cylinder Liners

Our range of cylinder liners is comprised of liners with diameter up to 900mm and is manufactured of high strength material. The cylinder liners are centrifugally cast and machined to engine builder specifications. We also deliver anti-polishing rings for these cylinder liners.

Cylinder Head

We supply cylinder heads for a limited range of diesel and gas engines. All cylinder heads are manufactured to very high quality standards and offer long service life.

Engine Filters

We offer a complete range of filtration products for various engines at superb prices.

Gaskets and O-Rings

Over the years we have gained considerable experience in Gaskets and O-Rings. We partner only with the highest quality manufacturers allowing us to deliver very high quality parts.